Who are we?

It started with a few of us innovators that had connections with other inventors.  We created a council in order to bring together a group that is committed to working together to integrate our ideas and respective innovation.  In addition, we brought together other entrepreneurs that we have come to know over decades that have similar goals and visions of the what is possible for Humanity to evolve to self-sufficiency in thriving and prospering.   By collaborating, and integrating our resources, it is possible to deliver exponential positive results that are impossible to achieve from a single technology perspective.  Our group also includes visionaries whose foundation is based on theology, psychology, philosophy, and history.  All of which allow us to view solutions from a perspective that originates with the Creator.

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Diverse Perspectives

A key foundation to Phoenix Global Consortium is the diversity of the background of its members.  Each person brings a unique perspective that enables us to address solutions from a holistic perspective that encompasses many technical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives.  Our group includes:  leading-edge computers scientists; composers and musicians; film makers; aerospace engineers; leading-edge space biology and medicine; holistic healers; theologians; Maori chief; philosophers; psychologists; builders; architects; textile manufacturers; fashion designers; lawyers steep in all facets of law including Canon Law, etc.

Innovation Examples

A key foundation to Phoenix Global Consortium is advanced hardware, software, and communication technology.  It is important that we have secure communication among our members in order to protect highly strategic Intellectual Property.  TOHU is in support of this and outlined within OPTIAM - Internet 3.  What does this IP entail?  It includes:  quantum communication; new hardware; new software tools including operating systems and communication; off-grid technology; water and sewer to power; warehouse based agriculture; advanced high-yield fertilizers; frequency based product delivery in agriculture and medicine; advanced building materials; new expedited building techniques; interactive edutainment; 3D interactive holograms, etc.

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Anything Can be Done

All of our team members push the envelope on innovation and shift paradigms of conventional thought and "wisdom".  All of our lives we have been iconoclasts that seek to do things that have never been done before.  In addition, we are challenge driven.  "Can't be done" is the mantra that has us go into action to proof otherwise.  By collaborating, and engaging in joint problem solving, anything is possible; and, no problem is too big to tackle.  Given, our intense relationship with the Creator, and the resources of all of Heaven, we actively engage, and use, these resources in order to create solutions that are Divinely inspired.

Partnerships & Alliances

Phoenix Global has a treaty relationship which a growing number of sovereign entities with major emphasis on indigenous nations and tribes throughout the world.   Many of these nations have not been able to reap the benefits of new technology, which makes it possible to deliver innovation that is in alignment and with a reverent relationship with Nature.  Not only do our initiatives protect the environment, in many cases it restores fragile ecosystems allowing them to flourish.


Our partnerships reflect multiple cultures.  We are very sensitive that technology, and out endeavors, preserves cultural integrity and nuances.  In addition, our implementation seeks to share these cultural treasures with all of Mankind.