Our Work

We are committed to bringing in the New Earth and co-creating the corresponding New Heaven both of which are predicated on shifting paradigms of thought and creative perspectives.  Our group loves to think outside of the norm and coming up with solutions that are Divinely inspired and "black swan".  Why perpetuate problems that can't be fixed from the perspective that create the issue to begin with?

Our infrastructure is crumbling.  We need to have the Phoenix of innovation rise out of the ruble and ashes of obsolescence.   No time in history do we such an extraordinary opportunity to bring forth into wide spread implementation technologies that have been buried because the inventors threaten the status quo of mega corporations.   Necessity is the mother of invention and the Father of Innovation.  Necessity it on the world stage; and, the players who created the problem are unable to fix it without starting from scratch.  Inventing from a blank canvas is Phoenix Global's forte.

We find it important to team, under a treaty relationship of peace and cooperation, with Chief Charles of the Maori in an effort to bring together all indigenous nations.  We all advance as Mankind through the integration of our developed nation's high-tech evolution and the spiritual/cultural perspective of the aboriginal (of origin) who have a deep seated respect and relationship with the Earth and her sentient life.  Nature uses the organic math of the Fibonacci sequence in order to determine what to do next in evolutionary growth.  The advancement of humanity will dramatically evolve if we take where we are in technologically advanced societies and add to it where humanity came from ... the indigenous reverence to the preservation of the environment.